Welcome to Twistless’s documentation!

A simple to use bridge between stackless python (available in pypy) and the twisted networking library.

The underlying implementation is based off of the excelent article by Stephen Coursen found here http://www.stevecoursen.com/209/stackless-python-meets-twisted-matrix/ and was a huge help when writing twistless.

Twistless is designed to give a quick and easy start to using stackless python and twisted together. The following shows an overly brief example of a twisted reactor being started with stackless support.

from twistless import twistless
from twisted.internet import reactor

def entry():

if __name__ == "__main__":



If you have any suggestions or questions about Twistless feel free to email me at nekroze@eturnilnetwork.com.

You can check out more of what I am doing at http://nekroze.eturnilnetwork.com my blog.

If you encounter any errors or problems with Twistless, please let me know! Open an Issue at the GitHub http://github.com/Nekroze/twistless main repository.